Friday, April 24, 2009

Upcoming Acura NSX to beat GT-R?

According to Japan’s Best Car Magazine the new Acura NSX will be faster on Nordschleife than Nissan GT-R. They're aiming to hit 7:30. On the earlier stage of development Acura NSX manage to finish Nordschleife in 8:20. That's almost one minute slower. Mr. Takeo Fukui mentioned itself that NSX will be faster than GTR. But Honda engineers have still a lot of time to improve the lapping because NSX will be available in 2010. We may see Acura NSX later this month and instead of modified s2000 design we are expecting to see some rough shape of a real NSX successor.Rumored 90 degree V10 will produce around 550hp from 4.5 liters N/A engine. Car will also have Honda's SH-AWD(Super Handling All Wheel Drive) which distribution power to every wheel separately.Here are the latest sketches.

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