Thursday, April 30, 2009

VIDEO: Wacky children’s tv show filmed at Motegi shows Japan is starting kids off right


Here in America, gearheads tend to think that we start our young ones off right, introducing kids to the joy of automobiles through Hot Wheels, Automoblox, racing video games, bumper cars, and the like. Japan apparently has a better idea.

Apparently taken from a Japanese children’s show called Hirake! Ponkiki, the hilarious footage after the jump shows some unidentified costumed characters (think: Sesame Street) taking to Japan’s fabled Twin Ring Motegi in a Honda S2000 and a Integra to showcase the joy of spirited driving. The show segment including portions covering gymkhana, drifting, and high-speed work. In the tradition of many Japanese gameshows, it’s colorful, zany stuff that has our inner child wishing that someone would have had the good sense to slap some Nomex and a brain bucket on Grover, handed him the keys to a Corvette parked in the pits of Laguna Seca, and said “Have at it, my furry friend.”

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