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I'm sure just about everyone knows about Initial D. So what about Wangan Midnight? If you don't know by now, Wangan Midnight is an extremely popular comic from Japan, which features an S30 240Z (instead of the AE86 panda Trueno in Initial D) and wangan/highway racing.

So I was browsing through one of my favorite AE86 forums, Club4AG, and found this thread, which says that they are making an actual Wangan Midnight movie! Cool! I'm very interested in seeing how this movie turns out, I'm sure it will be fun to watch.

I know that not everyone is a fan of the Chinese "real-life anime" films like the Initial D film with Chinese actors... however, I honestly like the Initial D live movie. Sure, I was annoyed by some things, like how they called Takumi "Tok-hoy" or something, and for sure I wanted to strangle the guy who played "Iggy" (rolling my eyes) by the time the movie was over... but all in all, it was a pretty good movie, in my opinion. Sure they could have improved on many things if they wanted to keep it real to the original Japanese manga/anime... however, for people who aren't die hard Initial D fans, then I think the Chinese action Initial D movie was pretty good.

I'm thinking possibly the live action version of Wangan Midnight will be kinda similar. Parts of the original story will be retained, like finding the Z in the junkyard (below)...

However, other details from the story will most likely be different and/or inaccurate... like the car! The Wangan Midnight 240Z should have a different chin spoiler, and fender mirrors instead of door mirrors, for instance... and RS Watanabe wheels instead of those wack fake banana-spoke wheels!

Cool photo of the movie's cars running on the highway at night... this is actually a pretty difficult photo to take, because of the glare from the oncoming headlights and the low lighting conditions. However, the photographer, Chester Ng, pulled it off very well! Great job, Chester!

Here's a rear shot of the lead car, but this time, it has graphics (from the video game maybe?) laid on top of it... although, when I played the Wangan Midnight arcade game in Shibuya during my last trip to Japan, I don't remember seeing any anime face graphics on the side of the screen...

What kills me is the fact that there are a pair of real RS Watanabe Type R wheels in that stack (with the XR4s and Falken Azenis RT215 tires), but the wheels on the car... what the heck are THOSE?! Lol

I'm looking forward to seeing this movie! I'm sure it will be fun to watch!

For more info, you can go to the link below:

Wangan Midnight thread on Club4AG

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