Wednesday, May 20, 2009

FD2 Civic Type R Updated for 2009


Honda has given the JDM-only Civic Type R a mild refresh for 2009, with a few subtle revisions being made to take the most hardcore small sedan ever created into the new year.

Don’t get too excited though: the changes are only cosmetic and the power output, suspension setup and trim levels are exactly the same as the outgoing model. Not a bad thing, that’s for sure, but a few more horses would’ve been nice…

Still, it’s easy to forgive Honda for leaving the mechanical package unchanged when you feast your eyes on the 2009 FD2 CTR in its new-for-09 Premium Purple Pearl paint scheme. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy though, there’s a very sophisticated Crystal Black Pearl and a classy Premium White Pearl hue to choose from too, in addition to the five other standard CTR colours.

Hon_FD2_2009_01 The rear lamp clusters have also been revised, with the circular lenses of the old model being flicked in favour of a more angular semi-octagonal design. Recommended retail price for the 2009 Civic Type R is ¥2,835,000, for those of you lucky enough to be Japanese residents.

Oh yes, Honda also said something about power retractable mirrors now being standard-issue and apparently something in the interior has been changed, but whatever it is, it’s virtually imperceptible from Honda’s press shots.

Like we said, the changes are pretty low-key.


[Source: Honda]
[Images: Honda]

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