Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Built By Underground Racing: World’s Fastest Gallardo


Sometimes, owning one of the world’s most sought-after and desirable supercars just isn’t enough. So when Charlotte, North Carolina-based tuning house Underground Racing got its hands on a Lamborghini Gallardo, you don’t need me to paint a picture of what happened next.

Your standard Gallardo – if such a word can be applied to any supercar – makes around 382kW (513hp) and 510Nm (376lb-ft) of torque through its 5.0 litre V10. That’s good for a 3.9 second run to 100km/h and 12.1 second 400 metre (0.25 mile) pass.

So in ‘standard’ trim, it ain’t exactly a tortoise.


But when you’ve just spent the better part of 500 grand on one and a week later you walk past your young cousin watching the “you owe me a 10-second car” scene in The Fast & The Furious, you’re bound to be a little pissed.

underground-racing_twin-turbo-lamborghini-gallardo_04 Underground Racing has got the gear to get you going. It’s not a new thing for the company, but it never gets old.

Courtesy of a twin-turbo setup, UR’s kit has pushed this Lambo into the pages of history, making it the fastest Gallardo in the world.

On race fuel and packing a Motec ECU, the UR Gallardo develops 969kW (1300hp) at the wheels and punches a hole through space and time, with a 9.1 second quarter-mile pass @ 271km/h (169mph).


On 93RON petrol, Underground Racing’s Gallardo is still good for a ridiculous 671kW (900hp).

Check out the video below of this neck-breaking monster in action.

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