Monday, June 15, 2009

2009 Corvette Z06 biTurbo by Geiger Cars First Drive

Trying To Tame the 890-hp Wild Thing

The Corvette cruises through a sleepy village and there's just the odd glance at this electric green beast skulking past with unburned fuel popping from its quartet of tailpipes with a sound like distant artillery. But then the countryside beckons, so we gently squeeze the throttle in 3rd gear. But not gently enough.
At 3,500 rpm, traction at the rear wheels doesn't just break, it dissolves, along with several hundred dollars of rubber from the massive (and massively expensive) Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 rear tires. The 2009 Corvette Z06 biTurbo by Geiger Cars snaps sideways at 90 mph and tries to wriggle off the road as the engine rpm indicated on the head-up display multiplies crazily.

We lift just a little and the car comes back, and then it's hard on the gas. The car snaps down the road as if propelled by some enormous elastic strap until the next gearchange, the next turbo rush and the next flirtation with disaster.

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