Monday, August 3, 2009

Hybrid, FWD Honda S2000 Due In 2012

It’s hybrid mania in Japan now with all manner of models starting to appear. As far as upcoming models are concerned though, the most disappointing seems to be the Honda S2000 “successor”. We’re told that come 2012, the new S2000 replacement will only have the number of doors and its name in common with the previous car.

It’s interesting to note that rumors surrounding a front wheel drive S2000 replacement have been circulating since at least late 2006, so it’s fair to say that S2000 fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for the next incarnation of Honda’s sports convertible. Gone are the days of high revving engines and rear wheel drive fun, they’ll be replaced with “low emission, high class” motoring in a package that has little in common with its predecessor. We’re told that the new S2000 will share its 2nd-generation hybrid driveline with that of the new Honda Accord and as such will be front wheel drive only. That being the case, the S2000 will be a step above the new hybrid CR-Z (or CR-ZX as some sources quote it as being) as far as outright performance goes. A retractable hardtop will add weight but now that the driving wheels will be at the front, it probably won’t be an issue for prospective buyers who we assume won’t be current S2000 owners. The hybrid Honda S2000 is expected to go on sale in early 2012.

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