Friday, October 9, 2009

What can I say about Honda Type R in brief?

The Type R is a special line of Honda's models. The Type R series is based on stock models but they have many changes. Those major changes which distinguish Type R from the stock models are: improved car performance and steering gear, minimized weight of the car and more aggressive and dynamic look of the car. At the beginning Type R was constructed especially for racing on tracks but later on it was introduced to a wider market. It can be said that every Type R model is professionally tuned in a Honda factory.

The easiest way to increase the engine power is to enlarge the capacity of the engine or to add a turbocharger. But Honda can do that in a different way, using experience gained during F1 racing. Type R engines are assembled by hand, many parts are replaced with more professional and durable ones, and some parts are even handmade.

The suspension is more sporting and tough, which enables more secure driving of Type R Honda's...despite the fact that stock Honda's are driving really well. What is more, larger wheels with sport lo-profile tires are mounted.

To reduce weight, Type R is produced without heavy additional accessories like numerous speakers or sophisticated air condition.

To makes Type R look more aggressive and dynamic, Honda adds accessories like: bumpers with different air intakes, a nice spoiler, side skirts, bucket seats and interior with aluminum decor, as well as white counters on a dashboard.

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