Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mugen introduces a new Kit for the all New Honda Fit

Just released in Japan, the Honda fit is also now available in a new sportier styling package with Mugen latest “kit”. Like usual, the Japanese tuner added to our little fit the indispensable rear wing spoiler the essence of any Japanese tuned car.

Honda introduced three Fit in Japan with the 1.3G, the Hybrid and the sportier FIT RS, giving the opportunity to Mugen to offer a dedicated kit for each models.
Each kit includes a rework grill front spoiler, side skirt, rear spoiler, a set of wheels and the rear wing spoiler. Giving a sportier look the Stock Fit and Hybrid Fit, the Kit for the Fit RS is by far the most aggressive with a nicely design “Mecha” like front spoiler.

Definitively a must have if you want to give your new Fit a unique look designed by a true master in this field.

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