Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BMW M3 E92

Design :
A softened design compared to the sedan version, and, as always, the work of Chris Bangle. Some like it, others don't, but it's up to each and every individual to decide. Our opinion is pretty critical when compared to the previous model (E46) that we found closer to perfection. No matter what, the E92 M3 has got a package designed to impress thanks to a deeper front bumper with three large air ports, a domed bonnet, widened fenders, and an extended lower rear bumper with four chrome pipes. If you want more there's the optional carbon fiber roof just waiting for you.

Interior :
The main disappointment of the whole car. Yes, a couple M logos are to be seen here and
there, but all in all, the interior is too similar to other 3 Series BMWs and we were left wishing for a little something more. The regular BMW 3 Series has an interior quality slightly below other premium German manufacturers, and this problem is also true with the M3. Thumbs down for the Mdrive System, even though it's said to have been re-worked, it still is a pain to use.

On the road :
A couple more cylinders and you enter a new world. Accelerations are strong and impressive, the car is literally ready to take off. Just push a little on the right pedal and you'll be amazed at how powerful this car is. Each acceleration will stick you to your seat, and as far as we are concerned... Lord...! We love it!!
On the downside engine sound is disappointing, it whines like it's supercharged, far from what usual German and American V8s sound like. TCS is your friend in the M3, even though it can be manually adjusted, it's always safer to put on some gas on the straight lines unless you want to find yourself going in the wrong direction... That said, driving in rough conditions like rain or snow will require a lot of attention from the driver. Braking also failed to impress us as its power rapidly fades... Again it seems that BMW put more into acceleration than braking power.
Final words :
The BMW M3 is an exceptional car and its new V8 engine has got enough to keep you ahead of 95% of what's legally cruising the road... But at this price many may go for the Audi RS4, safer and easier to drive, or the C63 AMG from Mercedes, or... the even cheaper new Godzilla Nissan GT-R which, despite a relative lack of image, offers the performance of a supercar.

Identity :
A couple of lucky E46 GTR owners already had the chance of testing what a V8 engine can do in an M3, and now there's no turning back. The M3 definitely goes V8 and leaves the iconic straight 6 in charge of less powerful (yet excellent) vehicles in BMW's range, such as the 330i.

Despite the 6 cylinder motor's excellent performance, it was about time for BMW to move to a V8 for the 3 Series as Audi (S/RS) and Mercedes-Benz (AMG) made that move a while ago.

Headlines :
420HP V8, rear wheel drive.
4.61m long and a weight of 1655 kg.
Six speed gearbox, SMG III with a twin clutch in a near future.
0 to 100 km/h : 4’’8,
Top speed : 250 km/h ( electronically limited ).

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